Ableton Advanced Course

R 8,000.00

 The 'ABLETON ADVANCED' course is step 3 of 3 to becoming a great electronic music producer (EMP), in this course students get a feel of what it is like to work with and record artist in a studio environment from vocalists, guitarists, keyboard players etc. The course also introduces students to art appreciation because music production is an art form.


To take part in this course you will need your own PC/Laptop, as this is our preferred way of teaching, although we have all equipment to get you started and making hits. 


Advanced Ableton Studio overview
Collaboration projects
Harware & midi
Native Instruments Machine 
Working with plugins
Samples & audio formats
Advanced Effects
Advanced Arrangement & Automation
Recording Audio 
Advanced mastering

***2018 Newly added - Play Ableton Live projects 



      • Become an electronic music producer
      • Become a composer for games, film etc.
      • Perform your own music live

      12 Lessons x 2 Hours


      Payment option R4000 x2 months 

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