PIONEER XDJ R1 (All in one)

R 18,000.00

The XDJ-R1, the industry’s first DJ System to feature wireless control functionality through an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch via Pioneer's specially designed remotebox app. The versatile system features Wireless Direct, to enable wireless connectivity with an iOS device even when a WiFi network is not available. The XDJ-R1 also features Auto Beat Loop, Beat Sync, USB device connectivity, built-in CD players and MIDI control.

XDJ-R1 Mobility
By utilizing the remotebox app with an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the XDJ-R1 can be remotely controlled wirelessly, giving DJs the ability to continue their music mixing performance even when they move away from the system. Many of the system's functions can be accessed directly on the display including controlling volume levels, choosing and changing songs as well as the ability to mix songs from a USB device plugged into the system. Users can also apply the "Auto Beat Loop" function3 that automatically loops music at a specific tempo as well as intuitively control various effects using the X-Y pads from a smart device.

The XDJ-R1 offers a multitude of fun and convenient features for creating unique mixes including:

Beat Sync4 - With a touch of the Sync button, the system automatically synchronizes the beats of songs analyzed through Pioneer's rekordbox music management software.
Hot Cue - The unit features three points of Hot Cues to enable playback of music from specific points.
Sampler - For added effects including Trans, Flanger, Echo, and Roll are available to combine with songs currently playing.
Sound Color FX - The unit offers four additional effects (Filter, Crush, Noise and Jet) for more creative mixing options.
Quantize Function - Automatically corrects synchronization of effects when using Auto Beat Loop or Beat Effect.
Additional Features
Noise Reduction - To significantly reduce noise, internal analog and digital circuits were separated, and the distance for digital conversion of analog input signals were shortened. All signal processing is conducted using a high-performance CPU for clear audio output.
Independent 3-band isolator.
Internal sound card (Audio Interface).
Complete with Master Out (XLR), Booth Out, AUX and MIC ports.

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