Behringer DEEPMIND12 True Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer

R 20,900.00

True Analog 12-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer with 4 FX Engines, 2 OSCs and LFOs per Voice, 3 ADSR Generators, 8-Channel Modulation Matrix, 32-Step Control Sequencer, Tablet Remote Control and Built-In Wifi
A Brief History of Analog Synthesis
The modern synthesizers evolution began in 1919, when a Russian physicist named Lev Termen (also known as Lon Theremin) invented one of the first electronic musical instruments the Theremin. It was a simple oscillator that was played by moving the performers hand in the vicinity of the instruments antenna. An outstanding example of the Theremins use can be heard on the Beach Boys iconic smash hit Good Vibrations.
A Passion for Keyboards
Our founder, Uli Behringer has a deep passion for keyboards. Born in the small town of Baden, Switzerland in 1961, Uli grew up in a musical family where his mother taught him to play the piano at the tender age of four. His father was a scientist who built a massive organ in the family home and taught the young lad all about electronics. So at the age of 17, Behringer built his first synthesizer the UB-1. Later, while attending college to seek a degree in audio engineering, Uli put his electronics knowledge to use, building his own equalizers and signal processors to fill the gap left by the university's inability to provide enough proper studio gear. Word soon spread about how good his products were, and he began building gear for his friends the BEHRINGER legacy had begun. The rest, as they say, is history...

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