Learn To Make Beats At Home (Basic-Inter. Fruity Loops Course)

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Welcome to SA's first 'Learn To Make Beats At Home' 

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Master Fruity Loops with this package: 

Basic-Intermediate - R1999 *Excl Fruity Loops Software 

Package includes: 

USB loaded with tutorials (Streaming access during #LOCKDOWN) , access to samples and 2x templates to get you started on making your first HIT


What you need: 

Laptop with a headphone or studio monitors / Own copy of Fruity Loops studio 


Course Layout: (8 easy lessons) 

  1. Setting Up FL & Layout

A basic rundown of the tools and tricks you need to get started


  1. Creating Beats

The back bone of any good dance track, from using the right samples to arranging them in a way that makes sense


  1. Bassline

The glue between your melodic and percussive elements, this could make or break a track


  1. Chords / Keys / Melodies

No matter what genre you're into, whether minimal or symphonic, this is where your track grabs a crowds emotions


  1. Arrangement

This is where we take your beats, bass and melodies from a 4 bar loop to a full song


  1. Transitions

Discussing transitions and getting the different sections of your track to flow


  1. Basic Mixing

Now that our song has a basic structure, it's time to find balance between the various sounds


  1. Mixdown

Mix your track and prepare to submit to a label or release it yourself, now all that's left is exporting your track to MP3 or WAV


Once completed, send your exported track to a Lecturer.

The Lecturer will revert with feedback on your track, you will then be sent a Certificate on completion. 

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