Pioneer PRO DJ Course

R 6,150.00

The Pro DJ Course from Pioneer is setting new boundaries for DJ's, taught by Industry Pro Dj's

Controlling 3 Decks, from your very own Pioneer Rekordbox playlist, hot cue's, Pro Effects and so much more... 

Topics covered include:

Thorough explanation of Pioneer DJ gear

Creating an intro
Hot- cue `s, Sampling and Pitch Riding
Trigger finger Pro
Chained Effects and looping
Ultimix style of mixing (3 decks)
Rekordbox Dj software
Recording an Ultimix for radio stations & ''how to submit to radio''
Advanced set structure
Working with different digital setup's and live instruments

Includes: Two free workshops and access to Friday Sessions 


***Book your lessons today; 
12 Hours one on one training
12 Hours Practice

Course overview:

Develop your rhythmic and musical style, while mastering today’s leading DJ technology and live instruments in the DJ room. The purpose of this training is to gain experience through practice, In addition to a healthy dose of one on one practical lessons with your DJ lecturer.

Workshops are great for meeting other DJ's with the same goals (networking), get two free workshops during your course. Upon completion of this training you will walk away with a recording of your very own ‘Ultimix set’.



Certificate’s are received on graduation day.

Pioneer DJ Institute hosts 'Friday Sessions' every Friday at the store, students are encouraged to join these sessions, meet celebrity artists and play music alongside other DJ students


*Payment option: R3075 x2 months 

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